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    Jameson Duct Hunter™ Traceable Rodder, 5/16" Dia x 300' L
    Traceable with any radio frequency pipe and cable locator
    Choose from flexible or stiff rodders
    Cart’s easy-access point allows quick connection of a conductive cable

    Item: 66946
    Catalog Price: $1,343.00 

    Use Duct Hunter Traceable Rodders to easily locate underground non-metallic lines. Rodders feature an 18-gauge copper wire that’s compatible with all radio frequency pipe and cable locators—any make or model. A durable fiberglass casing and a flexible polymer jacket protect the copper wire. Locate pipe using the frequency from the copper wire, or attach a sonde to the rodder’s lead end. Typical depth detection ranges over 10 feet, but will vary based on your locator.

    Choose from units with flexible or stiff rodders. Flexible rodders have a diameter of 5/16", and work well in contoured-pipe applications. Stiff rodders have a diameter of 7/16", making them perfect for longer tracing applications.

    Both rodders come mounted on portable wheeled carts. Your direct-connect cable clips to the carts’ easy-access point, which lets you introduce your signal into the rodder’s internal copper wire. The included Roller Guide increases contact with the pipe on the lead end of the rod, improving overall signal strength.

    Includes: a roller guide, replacement end ferrule, splice ferrule, glue and emery cloth.

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