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    Aqua Magnetic Locator Includes Leather Case
    Locates ferrous items
    No batteries needed
    Calibrated to specific geographic area

    Item: 25701
    Weight: 5.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $354.95 

    The Aqua Magnetic Locator finds ferrous (magnetic) items such as valve boxes, surveyor’s pins, septic tanks, sewer lids and manhole covers. The heart of the Aqua Locator’s patented design is a functional compass, and it does not require batteries. Features unique electric braking that prevents needle spin common to old style dipping needles. The simplicity of its operation guarantees years of trouble-free use. Each unit is calibrated to your specific geographical area. Specify city and state when ordering.

    Includes: leather carrying case with strap and instructions.

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