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    Specs Manual
    Fisher FP-ID 2100 Ferro-Magnetic Locator
    Patented Target ID system identifies horizontal and vertical objects
    Excellent performance along fence lines
    3-year warranty

    Item: 25778
    Weight: 3.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $814.95 

    The Fisher FP-ID 2100 ferromagnetic locator features two operating modes, normal and Target Identification (TID™). Normal mode indicates ferrous metal objects such as curb boxes or property stakes with a sharp audio signal and red LED that precisely pinpoints the buried target. TID mode distinguishes between vertical and horizontal targets, helping you locate flat metal objects such as manhole covers. In TID mode the locator identifies horizontal objects with two audible signals, one at each edge, as well as two LED’s, one red and one green, to indicate each end of the target. The FP-ID 2100 also features exceptional capabilities near and around metal fence lines. Operates for up to 55 hours on one 9V battery. Measures 34"L. 3-year warranty.

    Includes: soft carrying case, batteries and operating manual.

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