Page 976 SDS Specs Manual
    Schonstedt GA-52Cx Locator (Includes Case)
    7-year warranty

    Item: 49440
    Weight: 9.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $834.95 

    The GA-52Cx features an unsurpassed detection range for iron and steel objects—from 7 to 15 ft for property markers, water lines, well casings, and manhole covers depending on type and size. No response to aluminum, brass or copper. Only two controls: 4-position sensitivity and on/off/volume.

    With experience, user can distinguish between small pieces of scrap iron and actual targets. Forty hours of intermittent usage on two standard 9V batteries. Volume of 40 Hz output signal peaks when locator is positioned directly over the targets. Overall length is 42.3" (lower 34.5" is waterproof). Weighs 2.5 lbs. Controls are weather protected. Hard carrying case and batteries included.

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