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    Page 977 SDS Manual
    Magna-Trak 200 Ferromagnetic Locator with Soft Case
    Touch pad design with one-handed operation
    Power line indicator signals presence of live power
    5-year warranty

    Item: 64989
    Weight: 7.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $694.95 

    The Magna-Trak 200-series ferromagnetic locators are durable and reliable. They have a large 2-1/4"W x 2"H LCD display that provides a digital readout and bar graph. Display indicates signal strength, battery power and sensitivity settings. Power line indicator flashes and gives a distinct audible signal to let you know the presence of live electric power (feature is an aid only and is not intended for locating buried power lines).

    The rugged touch pad controls provide one-handed operation with full sensitivity and volume adjustment. An ergonomic handle with textured grip, along with a total weight of only 3 lbs, allow for less fatigue while locating. The locator is waterproof up to the housing and the housing is water-resistant.

    The Magna-Trak 200 offers convenient one-handed operation at an economical price.

    Includes: a soft carrying case, six AA batteries and a 5-year warranty.

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