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    Marker Mate, Electronic Marker Locator
    Detects all marker frequencies
    Scan mode provides simultaneous detection of all seven marker frequencies
    Five foot depth range

    Item: 75042
    Weight: 5.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $995.95 

    The Marker-Mate’s digital signal processor technology makes this one of the best performing locators available. Use it to locate all brands of buried electronic markers, including the Tempo Omni Marker™ and Uni Marker™.

    The Marker-Mate sets an industry standard with accurate detection of all seven application-based electronic marker types (power, water, sewer, telephony, gas, CATV and non-potable water). The scan mode allows simultaneous detection of all marker types, and the user-selectable setting lets you locate a specific marker type.

    The locator features rugged construction, an easy-to-read display, speaker volume adjustment, battery level indicator, and an adjustable time out feature that prolongs battery life. It’s safe to use in all weather conditions.

    Includes: soft keypad cover, operating manual and twelve AA batteries.

    Note: Compatible with Omni Markers and Uni Markers.

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