Part#: 14070
Weight: 54.0 lbs

Zenner FHD Hydrant Meter w/ Wilkins Backflow Preventer (Gallons), 2-1/2 NST

  • Flows up to 650 gpm
  • RPZ (reduced pressure zone) design for maximum water system protection
  • More compact and economical then the competition
Price: $3,079.95
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This device measures potable water from a fire hydrant or other non-permanent installation where flow is in one direction only. The single-body construction makes this unit more compact than the competition, while providing backflow and back siphonage protection that meets most national standards. Fast hookup means no hoses or carts required.

The 3" meter is a class II turbine meter for accurate measurement of gallons used. The meter meets the requirements of both ANSI and AWWA C701-88 class II requirements.

The backflow preventer uses two Wilkins 3" check valves and a differential pressure relief valve for maximum protection. This creates a reduced pressure zone (RPZ), which means the unit will release to atmosphere if the differential pressure is not maintained at all times.

The unit mounts directly to 2-1/2" NST hydrant connections. It comes standard with a brass 2-1/2" NST swivel connection on the inlet side and a 2-1/2" NST male for hook up on the discharge side. The 2-1/2" NST inlet swivel connection contains a built-in screen to protect the meter from damage by stones or large particles.

The main valve body is hard-anodized aluminum that is epoxy-coated inside and out for superior durability. The valve body is brass, and the lifting handles are stainless steel. The unit has a built-in adjustable leg for positive support no matter what the terrain around your hydrant. The leg is adjustable from 7-1/2" up to 27". The unit weighs just 54 lbs, making it easier to handle.

Meter registers in gallons. Meters that register in cubic feet are available ; see stock # 14088.

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