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    Page 538 Specs Manual
    Digital Hydrant Flow Tester TSI, 792GPM Max/360PSI Max
    Measures flow up to 792 gpm and pressure up to 360 psi
    Digital readout

    Item: 10455
    Weight: 26.5 lbs
    Catalog Price: $3,259.95 

    The best thing to happen to hydrant flow testing has arrived at USABlueBook! In use for several years by the Irish and UK fire brigade, this advanced yet simple-to-operate flow tester features an electromagnetic flow meter, ensuring that nothing comes in contact with the water.

    Extremely accurate, with ±4 gpm accuracy throughout the range, the Flowmaster 250 reads static pressure, dynamic pressure, instantaneous flow and total flow. The meter gives a digital readout of flow and has a totalizer function as well. A high-quality bourdon tube pressure gauge shows the pressure output on a 2-1/2" dial.

    This lightweight unit offers standard 2-1/2" NST fittings to hook directly to the hydrant. Hard anodized aluminum body offers long life and durability. An internal rechargeable battery allows continuous use up to 6 hours between charging. Sturdy handle provides ease of installation and great portability.

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