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    #28 Pitot Tube Hydrant Flow Meter Kit-100# Plastic Blade
    Operator tested and recommended!

    Item: 44743
    Weight: 3.3 lbs
    Catalog Price: $132.95 

    Our pitot flow test gauge features a chrome plated hex brass body for a positive grip, even with one hand. The gauge is mounted with a brass quick- disconnect fitting. You can rotate it for easy reading; plus it allows quick removal for storage and for draining water from the body.

    A small air chamber in the handle above the gauge port provides an extra measure of shock absorption in order to stabilize gauge movement. For operators who prefer to use the pitot tube without the air chamber, you can substitute a bleeder valve (included) for the threaded plug in the top of the handle to allow purging of the air under pressure.

    Choose from straight chrome-plated metal, straight plastic with integral stainless steel tube, and a notched plastic blade. The plastic blades are injection molded around a stainless steel water flow tube and are 33% narrower than metal blades to reduce turbulence and splashing. The notched plastic blade with integral SS tube allows for easy center placement of the pickup orifice on the hydrant nozzle. All are inter-changeable and replaceable on-site, should damage occur.

    Where a wide variety of hydrants exist, flow coefficients may vary due to different hydrant nozzle configurations (butts). To eliminate guesswork and adjustment calculations, our optional hydrant flow nozzle standardizes hydrants to a 0.88 coefficient. This chrome plated brass nozzle has a smooth bore 2-1/4" ID tube and comes with a 2-1/2" NST(F) connection fitting. A decal on the body shows gpm of flow for pitot readings between 10 to 56 psi. If you need to direct the flow of water from the nozzle to avoid damaging property, a 45° aluminum swivel elbow with NST MxF connections is available for mounting between the hydrant and the flow nozzle.

    Our pitot tubes are available with your choice of either a single metal blade or the two types of plastic blades and a choice of 100 psi or 160 psi gauges. All are packaged in foam-lined molded plastic cases.

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