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    USABlueBook Hyd. Flow Test Kit Gauges 100psi and 200 psi
    Everything you need for efficient hydrant flow testing

    Item: 44752
    Weight: 10.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $639.95 

    Our USABlueBook hydrant flow test kit was developed to provide water system operators everything they need to perform hydrant flow tests efficiently.

    The notched blade is designed with a built-in step for resting against the outside surface of a nozzle. This makes it easier to hold the pitot blade in the middle of the water stream.

    The 0.88 coefficient nozzle provides a measure of consistency from one measurement to another and eliminates the problem of determining nozzle flow coefficient for each hydrant where different models and brands may exist. In addition, you can use the 45° elbow between the hydrant and the nozzle to divert water as required but still maintain the known 0.88 flow coefficient.

    The brass pitot gauge uses a quick disconnect gauge that you can rotate for optimum viewing position and remove for transport. The gauge includes a replaceable metal blade and two plastic blades. Plastic blades have integral stainless steel tubes connecting the leading edge of the blade to the threaded connection at the body. You can order any of the blade styles as replacement items.

    Kit includes: 100 psi and 200 psi gauge, which are ideal for most water systems operating at 40 to 70 psi. pitot tube with quick disconnect gauge fitting, bleeder valve and straight plastic blade; alternate straight chrome-plated metal blade; alternate notched plastic blade; two liquid filled gauges with quick connect fittings (0 to 100 psi and 0 to 200 psi); 2-1/2" NST hydrant cap with bleeder valve and quick connct fitting 3/4" garden hose thread adapter for hose bibs; 2-1/2" NST flow nozzle for standardization of any hydrant to a 0.88 nozzle coefficient; hydrant wrench and hard carrying case.

    Note: You can specify gauges with 0 to 60 psi, 0 to 160 psi, and 0 to 300 psi. Typically, pressure gauges are selected for operation at mid-range. Normal lead-time for shipment of kits with alternative gauges is 48 hours.

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