This item is no longer available. Please see item # 74279.

Part#: 70116
Weight: 9.0 lbs
Brand: SePRO

AquaPro Herbicide, 1-gal

  • Systemic herbicide
  • Handles broadleaf weeds and cattails around aquatic sites
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This concentrated systemic type herbicide is effective against a variety of emergent aquatic and terrestrial grasses, broadleaf weeds, brush, and cattails in and around aquatic sites including lagoons, rivers and ponds. There is no restriction on the use for irrigation, recreation or domestic purposes.

This product must be used with a non-ionic surfactant approved for the application site. We offer Cide-Kick II®, which breaks down the waxy leaf cuticle for more effective herbicide uptake. Suggested mixture and dilution rates for your particular weed(s) are covered in the manual. Cide-Kick II is sold in quart and 1-gallon containers. AquaPRO is sold in a 1-gallon container.

Note: this item may be restricted from sale in certain states. Please check with your local governing body to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.


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