SDS Specs
    (OR) d'Bug 5-gallon Pail 5-gallon Pail
    Active ingredient is safe around humans‚ animals and food
    Kills crawling insects on contact
    Ready to use; no dilution required

    Item: 14239
    Weight: 40.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $95.45 

    d’BUG Insecticide features the active ingredient of d-limonene‚ all all-natural ingredient extracted from citrus rind‚ so it’s safe around humans‚ animals‚ and food. It instantly strips away the protective wax coating from the exoskeletons of insects‚ causing them to suffocate and die on contact. Effective against many crawling insects‚ including ants‚ fleas‚ silverfish‚ roaches and palmetto bugs. Use as a contact insecticide for an immediate kill‚ or use as a residual insecticide to repel insects for up to several weeks.

    Shipping: Quantities of 7+ ship motor freight.

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