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    Big Stinky Fly Trap & Fluid‚ 1 Gallon Jar and 6oz Fluid
    Great for sewer plants, sludge beds and inside filter buildings
    No moving parts-lasts a lifetime

    Item: 45170
    Weight: 3.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $34.95 

    Thousands have already been sold throughout the United States and have become an absolute necessity wherever flies are a problem. Simple to use, low cost, and so effective that flies seem to disappear whenever Big Stinky is around.

    Big Stinky Fly Trap was tested very successfully by the U.S. Agriculture Department and USABlueBook. Without harming beneficial insects, Big Stinky kills all varieties of the common garbage fly: flesh flies, house flies, green and blue flies, dairy flies, fish flies, and many more. It is well known that flies are carriers of disease, and their habits are not only a nuisance, but also threaten human health.

    Big Stinky is the first truly successful scientific approach to fly control. A special fluid is mixed initially with fish or meat to get the action started. Flies are attracted to this ideal egg-laying formula; they enter the one-way blackened duct; and then become trapped inside the container. The female flies are encouraged to give off a sex scent which attracts the male files. Both are digested with enzymes to provide a scent that is superlatively attractive to more female flies. The cycle is then repeated. It’s amazing to see the one-gallon jar container fill with thousands of flies. It works all day long and needs no electricity.

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