Cleaning Ball, 15 to 18" pipe
    For sediment removal

    Item: 26862
    Weight: 18.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $394.00 

    The all-rubber, multi-size ball is inflated to the appropriate OD and then placed in the line to be cleaned and attached to a winch. Next, the manhole is filled and kept filled with about 5 ft head of water. Then the cleaning ball is slowly released and the water pressure pushes it through the line. The deep spiral grooves provide flushing and rotating cleaning action which will break up and push sediment through the line. The ball has a swivel connector to allow it to rotate.

    The manhole winch w (#26864) as designed by Cherne specifically for this purpose. It includes 500' of cable and a counter so you know where you are. Also needed is a manhole jack and spool assembly which are wedged into the opening of the sewer line and provide a path for the winch cable to turn the corner into the line.

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