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    Pipe Cleaning Pig, Red Bare Swab (10", Plain)
    Remove heavy deposits in water piping systems that can be pressurized

    Item: 26975
    Weight: 1.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $42.95 

    Flexible, bullet-shaped pigs have a pattern of wire brush straps or silicone carbide incorporated in coating causing a scraping action as it is forced through the piping. All sizes are available in many different coatings and hardness. Flexible foam poly pigs are for every application (new construction clean-up, rehabilitation, routine maintenance) and for every type of pipe (DIP, CIP, PVC, HDPE, asbestos-cement, pre-stressed concrete pipe, mortar and/or epoxy-lined pipe, etc.) Pig length is approximately one and one half times the diameter.

    Standard Red Series: Medium density foam (approx. 5 to 8 lb density) and tough red coating yields a strong resistance to wear yet remains flexible. All four units may be used in pipelines with minor cross sectional diameter reductions or restrictions. Larger sizes available.

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