Page 272 Specs Manual
    General Model ’E’ Rodrunner Sectional Machine
    Uses unique sectional rods to clean long runs up to 500 ft down the line
    Powerful 6.5 hp engine operates at 100 to 200 rpm for municipal rods and 200 to 400 rpm for sectional cable

    Item: 33166
    Weight: 230.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $3,559.95 

    The gasoline powered Rodrunner can clear up to 14" lines (with 10-ft sectional cables) or up to 24" lines (with 5/16" municipal rods). Simple to use—the operator stands behind the machine and walks cables or rods into the line. A powerful 6.5-hp engine drives it with an easily accessible throttle control on the handle.

    The "hot-shift" transmission lets you switch from forward to reverse without the need for a clutch. The long gear shift lever is within easy reach of the operator. The Rodrunner is built to last with features like the 3/4" lifetime lubricated drive chain. Safety slip clutch protects cables and rods against excessive torque build-up.

    Shipping: Ships motor freight.

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