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    Ridgid® Cable Machine, K-750
    115V hp induction motor spins cable at 200 rpm
    Cleans 3 to 10" drain/sewer lines
    Easy to transport with minimal set-up— attach a tool and go

    Item: 113901
    Weight: 274.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $2,299.95 

    The K-750 is a powerful‚ self-contained machine ideal for lateral lines. The power feed system advances and retrieves the cable automatically up to 20 ft/minute. The versatile power feed adjusts for 5/8" or 3/4" cable with a twist of a screwdriver.

    The K-750 comes with 3/4" cable‚ which is recommended for 4 to 10" drain lines up to 200 feet. Use the optional 5/8" cable for 3 to 6" drain lines also up to 200 feet. The drum holds 100 ft of 3/4" or 125 ft of 5/8" cable‚ and withstands harsh treatment and abuse. It is designed for quick‚ easy removal. Its tough‚ corrosion-resistant body will not dent and cleans easily.

    The K-750’s well-balanced design gives this machine a lightweight feel. A transport wheel eases loading into a truck or van.

    Includes: 100 feet of 3/4" cable‚ and 3/4" tool set (spear blade cutter‚ retrieving auger‚ 2"‚ 3"‚ 4" cutters.)

    Shipping: Ships motor freight.

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