Ridgid K-375 Cable Machine
Part#: 113091
Weight: 8.7 lbs
Brand: Ridgid

Ridgid® Drum Assembly, A-375

    Price: $178.95
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    If buying replacement cable, be sure to get the same size cable for the adapter. For example, a 3/8" adapter won't work with a 5/16" cable. To switch from one size cable to another, buy an extra drum. It’s easier to change a drum with the cable already in it than to take the cable out of a drum and reload it.

    The C-4, C-6, ,C-8, C-31 and C-32 cables use the T-200 series of tools. C-44 cable uses the T-100 series of tools.

    Note that for use on roots, there are several cutters; they must be used with heavier C-44 cable.

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