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    CHEM-TECH 99X Series Pump‚ 7 GPD‚ 100 PSI‚ X991-115
    Includes 5-function degassing valve—ideal for chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and other off-gassing chemicals
    Save money versus ordering a Series 100 and separate 5-function valve

    Item: 43331
    Weight: 8.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $344.95 

    The Series 99X combines the proven design of the Chem-Tech® Series 100 with a 5-function valve that provides automatic degassing. This combination creates an ideal inexpensive pump for metering chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. This combination is a great alternative to peristaltic style pumps.

    Pumps come standard with all the same features of the Series 100 plus a degassing valve. The other functions of the 5-function valve include anti-siphon, back pressure, discharge line drain and air bleed.

    Includes: an injection check valve assembly, foot valve/strainer, suction valve, discharge valve, 5-function degassing valve, vinyl suction tubing, polyethylene discharge tubing and bleed valve return tubing. Repair kits include: pump head, replacement diaphragm, seal, 4 pump head screws and check valves.

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