Part#: 11211
Weight: 48.0 lbs

Intake Silencer and Support Arm for Blowers, 2.5" threaded

  • Designed to accommodate Roots, Sutorbilt and M-D blowers
  • Compact design
Price: $491.95
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If you don’t mind doing a certain amount of work, save money assembling your own blower package. This also gives you the option of using a motor or blower that is already in your shop. We’ll make it easy.

For maximum sound reduction, you can purchase an inlet silencer (E). The right angle in/out style pictured here requires a support arm (F) which is included with the silencer. The support arm has a vertical adjustment range of 10 to 13" depending on the size to accommodate different blower configurations.

Note: Pressure losses through blower silencers can run from 2 to 10" of H2O depending on the blower size and its operating cfm. Call, or better yet, fax us with the basics of your operation and we’ll get the right equipment specified and shipped to your plant.

Image shows blower, motor, basic stand (A), a built-in discharge silencer (B), belt guard (C), and filter silencer (D). All must be ordered separately.