Part#: 32198
Weight: 0.2 lbs
Brand: EDI

EDI PermaCap 5™ Medium-Bubble Diffuser, 3/8"NPT(M)

  • Upgrade systems from 2 to 3" diameter coarse bubble diffusers
  • Integral unit design to prevent blowoff
  • High capacity air flow ranges with low pressure loss
Price: $10.00
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These diffusers offer greater unit capacity over small diameter diaphragm coarse bubble diffusers at a lower cost. They feature a high-strength ABS body with NPT(M) connections. The EPDM membrane is locked in place with an engineered retaining ring to prevent blowout.

Replace small diameter coarse bubble diffusers with EDI PermaCap 5 diffusers for increased air capacity and greater oxygen transfer. A one-to-one change out lets you use up to 4 times more blower capacity with no pressure increase. Diffusers can be mounted upside down to aid condensate removal from the air header.

Using PermaCap medium bubble diffusers in place of 2" or 3" coarse bubble diffusers with no reduction in air flow maintains adequate mixing while improving oxygen transfer efficiency.

Tech Specs
  • Typical design airflow range: 1 to 4 cfm
  • Max cfm: 8 (maximum airflow suitable for short term intermittent use)