Part#: 11206
Weight: 925.0 lbs

Blower Stand Package, 6" Flanged (Stand, Discharge Silencer and Belt Guard)

  • Designed to accommodate Roots, Sutorbilt and M-D blowers
  • Compact design
  • Package shown with blower, motor, optional filter silencer, inlet silencer, and silencer support arm.  All must be ordered separately.
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If you don’t mind doing a certain amount of work, you can save money assembling your own blower package. This also gives you the option of using a motor or blower that is already in your shop. We’ll make it easy. Our unit consists of the basic stand (A), a built-in discharge silencer (B) and the belt guard (C). Two flex connectors are also furnished with the base. We have specified premium built-in discharge silencers on our stock bases because they cover a wider range of frequencies than standard models and are best suited for today’s higher blower speeds.

The belt guards accommodate virtually every size V-drive used by each blower/base combination. Cut out slots in the guard’s wire grid to accommodate the blower and motor shafts.

Optional Items: Every blower should have a filter/silencer (D) for protection against dust. One paper filter element is included with each housing.

For maximum sound reduction, you can purchase an inlet silencer (E). The right angle in/out style pictured here requires a support arm (F), which is included with the silencer. The support arm has a vertical adjustment range of 10 to 13" (depending on the size) to accommodate different blower configurations.

Note: Pressure losses through blower silencers can run from 2 to 10" of H2O depending on the blower size and its operating cfm. Contact us with the basics of your operation, and we’ll get you the equipment you need.

Shipping: Ships motor freight.

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